The 24th International Conference on Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming (CP 2018) was held in Lille, France between August 27 and 31 this year.

We are happy to have 3 papers from our group accepted for presentation at the main conference. Here they are.

We had 5 papers in the workshops that were colocated with CP:

  • “Modelling Langford’s Problem: A Viewpoint for Search” by Özgür Akgün and Ian Miguel at ModRef 2018
  • “Memory Consistency Models using Constraints” by Ruth Hoffmann, Özgür Akgün and Susmit Sarkar at ModRef 2018
  • “Towards Solving Essence With Local Search: a Proof of Concept Using Sets and Multisets” by Saad Attieh, Christopher Jefferson, Ian Miguel and Peter Nightingale at ModRef 2018
  • “Graph connectivity via local minimality” Fraser Dunlop, Peter Nightingale and András Z. Salamon at the International Workshop on Graphs and Constraints
  • “Expression of Graph Problems in a High Level Modelling Language” by Fraser Dunlop, Jessica Enright, Chris Jefferson, Ciaran McCreesh, Patrick Prosser and James Trimble at the International Workshop on Graphs and Constraints

And 2 papers by our PhD students at the Doctoral Program. The doctoral program is a great opportunity for them to meet their peers, get feedback, and receive mentoring from a more senior member of the community. I had enjoyed attending to it at CP 2010 - 8 years ago already!

  • “Maximal Frequent Itemset Mining with Non-monotonic Side Constraints” by Gökberk Koçak
  • “Local search of Essence, a proof of concept” by Saad Attieh

In addition to presenting these papers, we also gave a tutorial on Conjure and Savile Row. This was a double act by myself and Peter Nightingale, who is the main developer of Savile Row.

The program for CP 2018 is available here.

License CC BY 4.0