I have recently started making a small note for my work related activities.

I intend to add my important past activities here as well, but it will probably take time.

I attach tags to individual activity entries. The following is a list of all such tags.

The following is a list of all activity entries.

16 March 2017
EPSRC IAA Showcase 2017
20 November 2016
Data Linkage Scotland Showcase 2016
11 November 2016
SICSA DEMOFest 2016 - Glasgow
2 November 2016
Computer Scientists and Historians - Working Together on Record Linkage
10 October 2016
Research Visit: Prof Peter Christen at the Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge
30 September 2016
Explorathon '16 - St Andrews
27 September 2016
ADRC-S Annual Retreat
12 September 2016
Data Linkage: Techniques, Challenges and Applications
5 September 2016
CP 2016

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